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We get it. Reducing waste can be hard. 
You want to change the world. Specifically, it's your job to reduce the amount of waste that your community produces. You know better than anyone how hard it can be to get people to change and do the things you need them to do, like properly sorting their recycling, or simply buying less disposable plastic. 

But there's a new age of environmental change dawning. New developments in technology are allowing us to get more data about the waste stream that we ever could before, such as the weight of each load of garbage for individual pickups. For the first time in history, we can use this data to send the people who make the waste: households, business, and students, detailed information about how much waste they make.

The secret ingredient of change is that once we have this data, we can use powerful behavioral psychology techniques such as comparing houses against each other, applying color and even just providing an up-down arrow or a smily face that says 'good job!' when a customer brings their waste score down. These techniques have been proven to work in academic studies and have been implemented successful in other industries by companies like Opower and Watersmart who provide these solutions to major electricity and water utilities. Now it's time for the waste industry to get it's data + behavior change software rolled out across the world.

Zerowastify is bringing this revolution to the waste industry.

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How we inspire your community to reach zero waste by showing them their waste data. We design customized waste reports using behavioral psychology techniques proven to create change.
We send monthly physical letters to your community that show then how much waste they make along with how they rank against their neighbors.
Your community can see their own individual waste creation in their Zerowastify smartphone app. 
We send monthly emails to your community that show how much waste they have made along with tips to help them reduce their waste.
Touch screen kiosks
We install public facing touch screens that show a campuses or business waste production, with behavior-design that inspires change.
Desktop web account
Your community members can log in to the app and see their waste data, how they compare to their community, and learn tips on how to reduce their waste.
Text message alerts
We can send text message alerts to members when they have a high waste alert or to congratulate them for having a low waste month.
How we help your community learn zero waste actions that are fun and meaningful
Manual of zero waste actions
We publish a comprehensive guide to zero waste living that can be distributed to your community.
Free Youtube video tutorials
Your community members can view our fun tutorial videos about zero waste living tips on Youtube.
Online behavior-change game
Your community members can sign up to the "detrashed' online behavior change game where they can learn zero waste living in way that is fun and interactive.
Our clients
We provide data reporting and touch screen kiosks for university campuses.
We provide a full waste reporting and behavior-change service for municipalities in partnership with their local waste hauler.
Waste Haulers
We work with waste haulers to help them install the hardware on the trucks and the customer reporting software. 
"Zero waste living is one of the most rewarding things I've ever done"
- Maria Anton, zero waste blogger
"It's amazing how the zerowastify reports put a fire in people to change"
- John Langton, Sustainability Manager, City of Los Angeles
“This is a remarkable leap for the waste industry”
- Ian King, CEO of Waste Services, Vermont
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