What we do
We help your community reach zero waste by sending beautiful custom waste reports that are designed to create change. 
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We show households, businesses, and campuses how much waste they individually make so they can make progress towards decreasing their personal waste. Each waste report is carefully designed with behavioral-psychology techniques that are proven to create change. 
We send personalized reports by mail that show customers how much waste they make, complete with social comparison and tips to reduce waste.
Website account
Your community can login and see their waste data and their progress towards their waste reduction.
We can send reports to your community by email.
Touch Screen Kiosks 
Show you waste data on the wall with our beautifully designed touch screen kiosks. 
Your community can see their waste data on their smartphone. They can see their progress and learn tips about how to reduce their waste.
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Behavior Change

We use proven techniques such as social-comparison, charts, color grading, and progress to inspire communities to reduce their waste. We send compelling zero waste living tips and tutorials and cultivate a community movement of zero waste behaviors in a way that is fun and meaningful.
Manual of zero waste actions
We publish a comprehensive guide to zero-waste living that can be distributed to your community.
Free Youtube video tutorials
Your community members can view our fun tutorial videos about zero-waste living tips on Youtube.
Behavior-change game
Your community members can sign up to the "detrashed" online behavior change game where they can learn zero waste living in way that is fun and interactive.
We create pledge booklets and campaigns whereby people make a public "pledge" to take on one zero-waste activity.
Email course
Members can sign up for a free email course where they receive daily email tips on how to reach zero-waste.
Reminder signs
We can send out reminder signs for fridges, doors and cars that prompt people to remember their bags, reusable cups. and drink bottles.
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Measurable Change

Evidence shows that the zerowastify approach can reduce waste between 3% and 45%. Similar companies in other sectors, like Opower and Watersmart, are achieving success. Academic studies show even larger potential. 
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We bring data from the Loadman system and put it on the cloud so it can be accessed by our reporting app.  
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Garbage trucks are fitted with the Loadman scale system that weighs each load of garbage individually. We use the data collected for Zerowastify.
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Our clients
We provide data reporting and touch-screen kiosks for university campuses.
We provide a full waste-reporting and behavior-change service for municipalities in partnership with their local waste hauler.
Waste Haulers
We work with waste haulers to help coordinate the installation of the hardware on the trucks and the customer reporting software. 
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